Tiffany, the Miracle Swan is a children's
book suitable for young readers of all ages,
as well as adults.

Sometimes in life, the odds are stacked against you. But, when you believe in miracles you know that all things are possible.

Follow along in Tiffany’s journey, a Black-necked Swan, as she overcomes the unthinkable - from before her birth to her transformation into a mature, beautiful Swan.

Tiffany, the Miracle Swan, is a charming story about defying the odds and true testament of faith, hope, and survival. Additionally, readers will experience educational moments with factual excerpts about the majestic breed of Black-necked Swans.

Louise S. Odom, Th.D was a captive breeder of Black-necked Swans, owning six pair and raising many babies in captivity. She retired from waterfowl breeding in 2017. She resides in Ft. Pierce, Florida with her husband, John, where they own and operate Odom Orchids, Inc., the leading orchid retailer in the United States. They also breed and raise German, champion blood-line Rottweilers.